Monday, November 10, 2008

Top 10 Movies about Government and Politics

Being the movie buff that I am, I have decided (once again, for my own enjoyment) to occasionally create my own top 10 lists regarding film. Since we just had the election, my first one will be my top 10 movies about Government and Politics (non-documentary). I realize that I am about a week late with this list, but it's my blog, and well, I can do what I want with it.

NOTE: These are only movies that I have seen, so if I have omitted one that you feel deserves to be on there, it may be because I have never seen it (hey, I can't see every movie, I do have a life).

10. Dave
9. Wag The Dog
8. The American President
7. The Candidate
6. Bulworth
5. Path To War
4. Election
3. Primary Colors
2. The Manchurian Candidate
1. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

If you disagree with the list let me know. Like I said, I may not have seen a movie you think deserves to be on the list.

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