Friday, November 7, 2008

My First Movie Review

As I have said before, I am a huge movie buff. However, I have not had the real opportunity to write about any movies yet. I have decided that (admittedly for my own enjoyment), I am going to start to writing up my own movie reviews. Sometimes, I may write a review for a new release. Sometimes, I will go back to an older film I have never seen. Sometimes I will even write a review for a film I haven't seen for a while, but saw recently again. I have decided to use the ever-popular, but still reliable 4 star rating system in my reviews.

For my first movie review, I will be discussing a romantic comedy that was recently put out in the theaters. I hope my review is done with the amount of class and sophistication that a film of this caliber deserves. I am reviewing . . .

Zack and Miri Make a Porno (IMDB info found here)

This is the latest film by writer, director, and Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith. It is about two longtime friends, played by Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks, who live together in an old apartment in Pittsburgh. Neither one makes a lot of money, and what they do make is usually wasted on unnecessary crap on the Internet (like a flashlight with a vagina on it that men use to pleasure themselves with). When the two attend their High School reunion, Banks's character hits on an old High School crush, who turns out to be gay. His character's boyfriend, a gay porn star, is played hilariously by Justin Long. Long's character likes to speak in a deep voice, and name some of his own films that have very graphic titles (which I will not name here.) The gay porn star is by far the most memorable character in the entire movie.

When Rogen's and Bank's characters have their water and electricity shut off, they suddenly find themselves desperately in need of more cash. After realizing that they have no dignity, and no living relatives to shame, they grow inspiration from Justin Long's character and decide to make a porn movie. Both characters get financing by one of Rogen's coworkers at a coffee shop, played wonderfully by Craig Robinson. They then hire a camera man (played by Kevin Smith regular Jeff Anderson), assemble a cast of porn-star wannabes, and of course, hilarity ensues.

"Zack and Miri" is not Smith's best film nor his funniest. But it is still very good, and very funny. It is perhaps his filthiest film, and that is saying something (who can forget the donkey show in "Clerks 2"). This movie is filled with adult references, graphic language, "frat boy" humor, and of course, sex. There are at least two scenes in particular that will make your jaw drop in shock and disgust (they are really funny if you're not too grossed out).

But while there is certainly filth, there is also heart, which is also a part of every Kevin Smith film. Without giving away too much, "Zack and Miri" tackles the tricky subject of sex between friends, and the common misconception that it will end up being nothing but meaningless fun. Kevin Smith fans, and fans of adult comedy in general, will enjoy this film.
*** (3 out of 4 stars)
SPOILER ALERT: You get to see Jason Mewes fully naked (yes, Jay of "Jay and Silent Bob"), and he is naked in very graphic detail (even more than you might think). I was certainly not expecting to see that. Fellas, be forewarned.

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