Sunday, November 9, 2008

NCLB and Special Education on "King of the Hill"

I just watched the new King of the Hill which made fun of No Child Left Behind, standardized tests and special education. I know it is a comedy show, and you can expect some inaccuracies, but I can't help but feeling a little pissed off at just how many. I understand making fun of NCLB, and I have no problems of making fun of special education per se (I don't think it isn't so taboo that it shouldn't be touched). But apparently according to Hill, special education is used by principals to put poor test takers into a separate classroom to work on preschool activities (and take field trips), so they don't have to take standardized tests and lower test scores. Oh, and the parents have no say whatsoever in their children's SPED placements. Can't SOMEONE in Hollywood give at least a semi-accurate portrayal of what special education is actually like in this country today. I realize there are bigger problems in the world, and I still think King of the Hill is a great show. But this just irked me a little. Oh well.

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