Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah Palin and Special Education

I think it is fine that Sarah Palin wants to be an advocate for special needs families nationwide, but talk is cheap. A special needs mom wrote into the blog Liberal Values making some very good points, and raising some very good questions. She opens the blog with the following:

I am an expert at raising a child with special needs. My son is an adult, 26 years of age.

Governor Palin, you have said repeatedly that you will be an advocate for parents of special needs children. It is now time for you to tell us what you mean by that statement. It is not enough that you chose to have a baby with special needs. There are thousands of us who made the same choice - and others like me who did not know until our children were born (or later even) that they had special needs. There are also hundreds of thousands of people with developmental disabilities on decades-long waiting lists for services across the country - and others who are completely unable to access services for their children because they don’t fit some arbitrary criteria.

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