Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Learning Objective: How to BS to the America people

Before I decided to become a teacher, I wanted to be a journalist. Although I changed my mind to become a professional journalist (instead choosing to work on a blog like this), quality journalism is something I still have the highest respect for. When it comes to bad journalism, my disgust and reprehension is equally as strong, if not stronger. One example of bad journalism that almost never disappoints (or, I suppose, almost always disappoints) is cable news. There are many reasons for their poor quality of work, and one of them is the constant stream of pundits brought on the air to fill time.

The New York Times now reports on a school in Virginia called the Leadership Institute that trains conservative pundits who appear on cable news to better able to spew out their talking points (i.e to bull shit to the American people). While the article is primarily about this conservative institute, for the sake of fairness, it also points out that the liberal Center for American Progress started a "pundit project" that helps pundits with "on-air training" at Daily Kos's annual convention.

A good piece of journalism about bad journalism. Except I do have one question: why is the article part of the "Fashion and Style" section?

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