Sunday, October 26, 2008

Election 2008 (repost)

The following is the exact text I have copied and pasted this morning on the first version of my blog. It is the last post I made on there (other than my post saying that my blog has moved). I am re-posting it because it states my position on the election which I have yet to talk about until I started up my blog again. Enjoy!

I haven't talked about the 2008 election yet. It is probably not a surprise that as liberal as I am in my politics, that I am supporting Barack Obama. There are numerous reasons for this, including:
His support for getting out of Iraq as opposed to John McCain's belief that any kind of "victory" is still achievable (it isn't).

-His belief that economic policies should be geared more towards helping poor and middle class Americans instead of the wealthier ones.
-His background in civil rights and academics (hey, the guy is actually intelligent).
-His pragmatic approach to decision making.
-His youth and lack connection to the divisions of the 1960s (for more on this one, read
Andrew Sullivan's outstanding essay for The Atlantic back in December 2007).

In addition, I really do not want John McCain to be President. Not only because of Senator McCain's stance on Iraq, but for his reversal on other issues. While he is still a man I greatly respect for his long service to America, he is no longer the "maverick" he used to be. McCain, who once ran probably the most honorable campaigns in modern American political history in 2000, has now sold his soul in the hopes of winning the White House this year. For a while I thought that if McCain won the White House, he might actually say "the hell with 2 terms. I did what I had to do to win, and now I'm going back to being the Maverick I really am." However, his choice of the disastrous Sarah Palin proved to me that it isn't just politics. John McCain is a poor decision maker, and would make a terrible President.

Given the past 8 years, now more than ever, I feel we need Barack Obama. If he wins, I will celebrate his victory, but I promise, I will be his biggest critic starting after Inauguration Day (as I would for any President).

I promise that, before the election, I will do an UNBIASED analysis of both candidate's positions on education issues.

The Photograph comes from Barack Obama's website.

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