Wednesday, October 29, 2008

At-Risk Watch: Poor Vision

I have started a new series on this blog that I call "At-Risk Watch". When I find a new and interesting study, story, or post that looks at 1) characteristics of at-risk students and 2) reasons why students are at-risk. The other day, I looked at the problem of early chronic absences, which would fall under this category (although I had not created this series yet).

Today, I am looking at the connections between poor vision and students who are at-risk. At Education Policy Blog, Aaron Schutz (an education professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) has created a post on poor vision linked to a number of stories and studies. Most people probably think this is a relatively minor problem that is usually corrected with glasses or other forms of visual modifications. But it appears that this assumption is wrong.

The most interesting study for me is the connection between poor vision and delinquency that Professor Schutz has posted.

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